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Go from just an idea to starting a business in 90 days.

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1. Gain A team

When you join the Nothing to Launch program you and your business have expertise and experience from day dot! The team at Nothing to Launch become part of your startup team.

2. Build COnfidence

Throughout the program you will learn skills to:

- Pitch and sell your business products and services
- Design your technology product
- Prepare plans to execute the launch & operation of your business

Possessing these skills and seeing the results you will produce yourself will build your confidence to achieve your business goals!

3. Create your business

Once you complete the Nothing to Launch program you will have had the means to create your business along the way or come out of the program with all the plans and tools to execute and build your business!

What is Nothing to Launch?

Idea Incubator

We accelerate your idea through the process of going from just an idea to starting a business!

Online Courses

Our 120 day program provides you with structure and resources via online courses.


We provide you with easy to use business building tools and workbooks throughout the course.


Get one-on-one coaching support from the experienced team at Nothing to Launch.
Having a good idea is merely the first step, to get it to market is another. That's where Maria comes in. She can take a good idea and help put you on a path to making it great! There is not a single person in the startup world that cannot benefit from Maria's pool of knowledge. Maria has helped me in a variety of ways, but just to mention a few: - Finding a client base - Understanding funding and finances - Ways to market - Outsmarting your competitors - Being the best you can be. Maria's friendliness, go-getter attitude and wealth of knowledge has made her a very powerful mentor to me and many others. An experience with Maria is one you'll never regret!
Arno Van Niekirk
Maria has been an amazing mentor to me as I start up my new health and fitness business. She took time to listen to my ideas and got a great understanding of the direction I was wanting to head in before offering some excellent advice and inspiration. Maria makes me feel really supported and you can tell she has some great past experience she can draw from when giving advice and information. Maria also helped me design my business logo. Again, she really got an understanding for my target market and created something that suited perfectly. Friendly, fun and really easy to talk to, I would recommend Maria's mentoring services to anyone. 
Nathan James, NateFit
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Our expertise

Maria Johnston is an entrepreneur, IT project manager and is known for getting things done!

In 2013, she founded New Zealand’s first mobile and GPS medical alarm provider; Clevercare. She built the business at a time where to most people it seemed impossible. Raising over $250,000 of capital it valued her business at a million dollars. With Clevercare still operating and continuing to grow in New Zealand while Maria travels the world with her family, Maria's passion is now to help others achieve their dreams of making their ideas a reality!

Dylan Johnston is a full stack software developer with almost a decade of industry experience.

Dylan is currently the CTO of two tech startups: Clevercare and Seespray. Both of which he has been the architect, and technical consultant. Throughout the designing and launch of both products, Dylan was required to take their 'MVP' systems that had been developed, and re-architect them to ensure they are robust, reliable and scalable products.

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